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  1.Slovak Movie Database (1.SMDb) includes feature, documentary and animated films made
  • since the year 1921 (first Slovak full-length feature (1921, Jánošík, directed by J. Siakeľ) was made
  • on 35mm film material (an exception is the film On the Beautiful, Blue Danube (1995) made on Super 16mm film material, but was distributed on 35mm copies
  • with length over 1,600 m
  • for cinema distribution (in 1.SMDb also the cinema-versions of television movies consisting of several parts are included - Red Wine, The Living Scourge, Infidelity in a Slovak Way, The Millennial Bee, Freckled Max and the Ghosts)
  • as medium-length films, distributed under one title: I Found a Friend - Ivan and Ondrej Gregor's Story, The Thirteen-Years-Olds - The Little Model and The Silver Bicycle, A Crystal from Istanbul and The Little Wheel
In 1.SMDb are also included
  • films that have not been preserved, but there is written evidence of their former existence - Siciliana (1921), The Little Witch from the Grove (1922)
  • films of which only fragments have been preserved - A Year in Rožňov pod Radhoštěm (1925), About the Slovak Folk (1928)
The 1.SMDb does not include
  • Czech movies
  • television films not distributed for cinema showing
  • foreign films made on the territory of Slovakia
  • films made with mostly foreign financial support and with minimum of Slovak financial participation on the project
  • films made or distributed on other than 35mm film material (video motion pictures)
[ stav databázy: 3585 tvorcov, 549 filmov, 3697 postáv, 519 fotiek ]
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